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I've spent over 40 years in the Marital Arts World. It's a wonderful way to stay fit, engaged and have fun. To check out my blog please click here: Aikiweb Blog. And, Check out my videos below:

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Book Review: Talent is Overrated

Book Review: Talent is Overrated

About Us

Aikido is a martial art, born in Japan. It combines the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of an art designed to protect you and the person attacking you.


We are located in Richmond and in Houston.  An easy 10 minute drive from Betway 8 and Westheimer for Richmond and in Houston right off the I-10 and Cambell exit.

Schedule and Rates

We have both a monthly rate and a drop in mat fee for those that would like to stop in and either try a class or are coming in from out of town and would just like to train.

Erik Calderon

Founder and Head Instructor of Aikido ShinKiKan

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Aikido is Spiritual, It's Mental and It's Physical. Be perpared for vigorous movements to stay in shape. Be prepaerd for mental stimulation to keep us engaged. And, be prepared to let go and let the techniques work for you. If you have any questions just email or call.

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We are a martial arts school dedicated to the art of Aikido as it was taught in Japan. A martial art designed for self-defense, based on acts of Love.


Erik Calderon.
19830 FM 1093 rd Unit 2101
Richmond, TX 77407
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